INTRODUCTIONDear IGU member,Joining the IGU in its 90th Anniversary year has been an extraordinaryexperience. As I tried to absorb the knowledge and passion of theSpanish Secretariat team during the handover to London, I was frequentlyreminded to read and understand as much as I could about the history ofthe IGU.  This, the team told me, was where I would find most answers tomy questions about the IGU today.How fortunate I feel, therefore, to have come to the IGU as it focuseson that history – in the year that celebrates nine decades since the gasindustry came together to create a focal point for the acquisition,collation and distribution of technical and other information concerningthe gas industry and the promotion of its wellbeing generally. I’m surethe founders of the IGU, with gas at the time primarily used forlighting, would marvel at what their industry has become today. Couldthey ever have imagined that for their new organisation the world ‘gas’would come to signify so much more, encompassing solutions for a greenerand more sustainable energy future?In our November newsletter we celebrate the progress made in the last 90years, and thank our members, partners, committees, stakeholders,employees and secondees for the role they have played in the story ofthe IGU. I look forward to continuing to work together with you all asthe IGU both strives to meet the challenges of the global energy futureand provide bold leadership for our industry.  Personally of course, Ihope this brings with it new value and an even more memorable experiencefor our members.> « Long life to IGU! » (I am told that, historically, this is what we say> at the IGU)Lesley ColdhamMembership Engagement DirectorADVOCACYCOP27COP has dominated much of the IGU’s advocacy agenda for the pastquarter. Much has changed since the previous COPs where IGU made formalpresentations and looked to project the Global Voice of Gas into theclimate change and sustainability community.IGU communications strategy in 2021 was to attend in a low-profilemanner, to listen and to gather intelligence to support communications,outreach and advocacy strategy for 2022 onwards, not to broadcastpublicly at the conference as was the case at previous iterations ofCOP, but to engage bilaterally with strategic stakeholders. IGU PAD heldbilateral meetings with a number of strategic stakeholders which enabledus to discreetly communicate IGU’s position on natural gas and aportfolio of renewable and decarbonised gases as the catalyst for andfoundation of a more sustainable global energy solution – eg  we arepart of the solution, not the problem. This was in addition to oursignificant effort on content based communications.Content distribution to engage stakeholdersThe IGU Magazine, Global Voice of Gas [7] was released in advance of COPand was entirely focused on the theme of sustainability.IGU PA communicated through digital channels and direct engagementthrough last week – fitting in with the stated theme of the day:> COP event – but UK renewable energy is highly variable: LinkedIn [1]&> twitter>> Energy Day – how technology is making gas a more sustainable option:> LinkedIn [2]& twitter>> Finance Day [3]: IHS collaboration, « A Sustainable Flame »>> Indian toxic air [4] – and gas could be the answer>> A blog [5]illustrating the value of gas to Vietnam as a secure,> reliable catalyst for and foundation of a more sustainable energy> source will be published on Thursday 11th to fit in with> « infrastructure/cities » and demonstrate how gas in Vietnam can repeat> the history of London and Beijing and clean the air of a polluted> capital city – a localised illustration of a global trend.We took the opportunity of launching the IGU Global Renewable Gas Report[8], in partnership with Oxford Institute for Energy Studies at COP onWednesday 10th. It was presented on a panel by Dr Martin Lambert of OIESand was amplified through both IGU and OIES channels. This is a vitalstrategic report, demonstrating both the IGU’s commitment to renewablegases as well as making the scale of challenge to policy makers,regulators and investors very clear.Latin American & Caribbean Gas Conference (LGC) Digital DialoguesThe IGU in partnership with Arpel, Olade and EnergyNet is pleased withthe ongoing success of the « Latin American & Caribbean Gas Conference ».The Conference was set up to provide a communications platform forengaging all relevant regional stakeholders as to the value andpotential of gas in a regional context. The Period has been focused onthe design and promotion of the major event in the calendar – LGC21 –which will include political, regulatory, industrial, and financialregional leaders. We are delighted that IEA, IEF, GECF, JP Morgan,Goldman Sachs and many others will be joining us. The event will takeplace 1-2 December.For more information, please click here [9], and here to register FORFREE [10]Ongoing stakeholder engagementIGU PA constantly engages with a broad and diverse stakeholder universeto demonstrate both our commitment to positive dialogue as a bestpractice advocacy organisation, as well as to promote our vision of gastoday and gases tomorrow as the catalyst for and foundation of a moresustainable energy system. The team has managed over 20 engagements inthe period, across political/regulatory/financial/industrial- corporateand media stakeholders.For InfoIndia has invited electronic bids from interested parties in India andabroad for its 11th City Gas Distribution (CGD) Bidding roundIGU’s collaborator organisation in India, FIPI and India’s Petroleum andNatural Gas Distribution Board would like to invite the IGU members tolearn about India’s final bidding round to complete gasification of thecountry’s economy.The details of Geographical Areas and bids are available at CentralPublic Procurement Portal (CPPP) website [11] and PNGRB’s website [12].FLAGSHIP EVENTSSpread the Word on the WGC2022 Call for PapersThank you to those members who have worked within their organisation andacross their national industry to encourage submissions for the WGC2022Call for Papers.  With the nominated date for submissions extended toJanuary 28 2022, we encourage members to spread the word across theirorganisation and the broader industry.  Details on the Industry Insightand the Technology & Innovation Sessions plus all the topics, guidelinesand assistance are at [13] and theWGC2022 team is always available at info@wgc2022.orgDon’t miss this outstanding opportunity for your colleagues to highlighttheir case study, project, technical research, and/or expertise to theinternational gas and energy audience and drive the sustainableconversation forward in 2022. From the Evolving Role of Gases and EnergyAccess and Changing Business & Market Environments through the « Impactof Environmental Policies on Natural Gas Pricing to the Role ofFinancial and Tax Policies and Future growth of the Asian market; thereis an opportunity for the whole gases value chain to contribute.Plus, don’t forget the IGU Global Gas Award [14], which is exclusivelyfor IGU members and offers the winner a full conference pass, economytravel and accommodation in Daegu, together with a $5,000 award.  Entries are via here [15]LNG 2023The IGU is keen to ensure that our members and their industry partnerscan have their say and help shape the programme for LNG2023. Workingwith our Russian National Organising Committee (NOC), and the LNG2023Programme Committee (PC), we have created ClubLNG, where those with aninterest in the future of LNG across the entire value chain can havetheir say and tell us what is important for their organisation.By joining the complimentary ClubLNG you can review and prioritise theproposed LNG2023 programme topics ahead of the Call for Abstractslaunch.  Proposed topics for review include LNG markets and advocacy;Operations and best practice; Commercial stimuli; Shipping, Marineoperations and Marine Terminals and Downstream infrastructure andapplications.All the details on ClubLNG and the upcoming LNG2023 St Petersburg areavailable at [16]. In addition, the LNG Events serieswhich, since 1968, has captured the archive of every paper presented isnow sharing this invaluable resource – free and fully searchable – asyet another benefit of joining ClubLNG.  Find details here [17]IGRC 2024While IGRC2024 might be three years away, our Canadian hosts are alreadydeveloping a series of activities to profile innovation and technologyleadership across the entire natural gas value chain. They intend tomake the three years leading up to IGRC2024, and the Conference itself,an occasion to promote the value proposition of gaseous energy andgaseous energy infrastructure.Host of IGRC2024, the Canadian Gas Association, has established theIGRC2024 National Organising Committee (NOC), with excellent engagementfrom across the natural gas value chain, including the IGU RD&ICommittee.  The NOC presented its implementation plan to the IGUSteering Committee in September followed by the official launchannouncement of IGRC2024 on September 29th at the major Canadianindustry event, the Canadian Gas Dialogues Conference.MEMBERSWe would like to extend our thanks to those of our members who arrangedtimely payment of their membership fees this year.  We also thank youfor your patience as the IGU has moved its Secretariat to London and thechange to a new bank account.Approximately 20% of membership fees are still owing for the year, so ifyour payment is still pending, please use the original invoice  we sentto you at the beginning of the year, but please use the following bankdetails to complete the payment:Account holder: Union Internationale du GazBank Name: Neo Payment Factory S.L.Bank Address: Calle del Comte d’Urgell 143, 6-2, Barcelona, 08036, SpainIBAN: ES15 6891 1000 2049 5862 0921BIC/SWIFT: NEOPESBBXXXFor any question related to this send us an email by info@igu.orgNew membersStedin Group of The Netherlands, Associate Member consist of 5 businessunits, including grid manager Stedin, NetVerder and DNWG Group. DNWGGroup consists of regional grid operator Enduris and infrastructurecompany DNWG. The Group serves the gas and electricity needs of morethan 2.2 million private and business customers. – Stedin has severalactive hydrogen and biogas projects.By participating in IGU Committees it would like to actively share itsknowledge and experience of how gas networks can support a sustainableglobal energy system, facilitate the energy transition and helpcountries to achieve their climate neutrality goals.Swiss Approval International, Associate Member. – is an AccreditedInspection and Certification Body operating in 12 Countries on 4Continents (principally in South-East Europe,  the Middle East & NorthAfrica, and the US) in the oil and gas sector, especially in the NaturalGas Industry. SAI acts as main partner on behalf of owners, such asTrans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) , DESFA, Gas Distribution Company (EDAAttica),  Hellenic Petroleum, Motor Oil etc.The company’s Technical Committee is focused on contributing to thefuture of the gas industry through scientific research (Advanced NDTTechniques, Oil and Gas circular economy etc.) It wishes to participatein IGU technical committees and to act as an ambassador for the IGU atlocal/natoinal events on the role of the global energy system andupcoming challenges.COMMITTEES AND TASK FORCESAppointments to the Executive CommitteeWelcome to new Charter Member representative Mr. Abdul Aziz Othman,President of the Malaysian Gas Association who is also the new RegionalCoordinator for the South and South-east Asia region.Welcome back to Mr. Jean-Marc Leroy, this time as Charter Memberrepresentative (and Chairman) of the Association Française du GazRecruitment Process for New IGU Secretary GeneralDuring the Executive Committee (EXC) meeting held on Nov. 3rd this yearthe plan to recruit a new Secretary General was agreed.  The position isopen for direct application from qualified individuals as well asrecommendations from IGU Charter members. We invite you to recommendcandidates or help deliver this message to qualified and interestedindividuals for application.To recommend a candidate: please submit resum of the candidate,preferably with recommendation letter to the IGU Secretariat beforeNovember 25th, 2021. For more detailed information, please refer to theJob Description on the IGU Members Portal [18].October EXCOM  and Council  MeetingThe Autumn Excom and Council Meetings were concluded in the first weekof November.All items received endorsement/approval at the Council meeting of4th-18th November. The outcome allows us to continue the work of theSecretariat under the 2022 budget, welcome two new Associate Members anda new Regional Coordinator for South and South-East Asia.  The ClosingStatements to both meetings can be found on the IGU Members’ Portal.UPCOMING MEETINGSForthcoming EXCOM meetings> March 2022. To be confirmed (face-to-face if possible)> 23rd May 2022. Gyeongju, Korea (face to face)> October 2022. To be confirmed (face-to-face if possible)Forthcoming Council meetings> 23rd May 2022.  Gyeongju, Korea> October 2022. To be confirmed (face-to-face if possible)Feedback – We want to hear from you. Please send any comments,suggestions or questions to  [19] [20] [21] [22]                   Share  [23]                   Tweet  [24]                   Share  [25]                   Forward  [26]  Preferences [27]  |  Unsubscribe [28]Links:——[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28]